From power to ergonomics and style, Sea-Doo has set the standard for performance watercraft. The Sea-Doo brand was the first to produce a performance watercraft when the 1991 Sea-Doo XP was launched, creating an entirely new segment in the watercraft industry. In 2015 BRP continues to lead the performance watercraft segment with three models (Australia only), making it easier to find the right model for every type of rider to deliver the exact adrenaline pumping experience they’re looking for.  Because maximum thrills on the open water come from every last ounce of capability you can squeeze from a watercraft, these are rides that redefine performance through exclusive hull designs, ergonomics and technologies, and include features that make handling intuitive, comfortable and responsive.  All this creates advantages you can use to finish ahead of the rest.  Whether its open water or navigating buoys, these watercraft let you harness superior performance. But, finding the right watercraft can lead to questions. If you’re thinking performance, keep reading as we will you help find the model that deliver the experience you’re looking for.


Strong and powerful yet more forgiving, this watercraft is one of the easiest way to get into the musclecraft scene.  Its the best value of any performance watercraft package and it comes with a supercharged engine that offers more power and acceleration than the competition.  The GTR 215 model also gives you better handling and versatility because it can be tuned easily with aftermarket accessories.  You'll also stay dryer under moderate chop than on other models thanks to the anti-splash design in its hull.  For the performance enthusiast who wants a performance Sea-Doo model without the performance cost the Sea-Doo GTR 215 is the perfect fit. Good at everything, the GTR 215 is Sea-Doo’s entry-level “musclecraft,” and when it accelerates to 30 mph in just 2.3 seconds, riders agree its deserving of performance circles respect. Based on the GTI hull, this machine features fun, nimble and predictable handling. The 3-seater offers more lateral stability, something that is appreciated when you’ve got a couple of passengers behind you. And if you’re cruising along in Touring mode, they’ll still feel the power, but with less of a punch. Pull the throttle in Sport mode, and the supercharged Rotax 4-TEC marine engine delivers a mean response with its superior power to weight ratio. The GTR 215 comes with some of Sea-Doo’s best innovations including the iTC and iBR system and includes an integrated infocentre, VTS, and 30.5 gallons (116 litres) of storage capacity.




Large bodies of water won't know what hit them with the RXT-X 260.  These  muscular performance watercraft deliver size, speed, strength and stability in rougher conditions.  The stepped S3 Hull means you'll stay glued to the water and it's calibrated for pure performance riding.  Power your way through even the roughest conditions with superior features like Adjustable Rear Sponsons that improve lateral stability, and a High-Output Engine that gives you the rush you crave.  The RXT-X 260 thrusts its riders from point A to point B accelerating to 50mph in less than 3 seconds. This non-suspended model integrates the Shull with rear sponsons and to carves corners better than any competitive 3 seat watercraft. By adjusting the VTS and the A.E.S. steering, any rider can customize their preferences for enhanced performance. The RXT-X also features the digital info center, iBR, and iTC along with ECO mode and quick-set Sport/Touring modes.

The riders who travels large lakes or long rivers and accepts the friendly wager to see who can get to the other side first is the rider who should look at the RXT-X 260. The RXT-X 260 is a perfect combination of race/touring and is equipped with race inspired features including the special X-TEAM seat design that is perfect for those high RPM runs with passengers. If you are in need of a performance machine that has the race look and feel and you wan tot do it with a passenger, the Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 should be at the top of your list.



The RXP-X 260 pushes the limits of what's possible in race riding through agility, power, sharp handling, precise cornering and innovative design. Experience a feeling of complete control with the T³ Hull, that allows for more precise cornering, enhanced lean-in, and a more responsive ride when out for a friendly race. Its exclusive Ergolock system reduces fatigue and keeps you upper body more relaxed because you can 'lock' your legs into the narrow seat so you become one with your watercraft so it can fulfill its main purpose: giving you every possible advantage.

Engineered for maximum riding potential, the Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 has claimed more world championships than any other runabout model over a 4-year span. The T3 hull (tight-turning t-hull) and ergonomics are ideal for closed course racers allowing the model to aggressively lean into corners and penetrate chop better than any of its two-seater rivals. The RXP-X 260 uses an unmatched advanced, dual surface hull design with a combination of soft and hard chines, dual axis adjustable rear sponsons and performance trim tabs. Riders lock into the machine with the narrow, body-molded racing seat, Adjustable Ergonomic Steering (A.E.S.) and angled footwell wedges. In the middle of a race, riders can take tighter, faster turns using more of the available power leaning further into corners.

The Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 becomes an extension of the rider with a perfect upper and lower body connection. This watercraft is designed to be noticed on the water and off with a very technical design using a detailed flowing facet design philosophy that provides a ominous appearance demanding respect. You will find in 2015 as the RXP-X 260 is happiest when leaned over and pushing up walls of water in tight turns. If you want to unveil the Pro rider in you every weekend the RXP-X 260 is your Sea-Doo.


 If you have any further questions about the Sea-Doo Performance range please do not hesitate to contact JSW on 07 5529 2616