ZUP. is a fresh easy way to have fun with all of your family & friends out on the water. What do we love about this board?  You can lay, kneel, stand, surf, rest, ride backwards, be creative! With this buoyant, durable, moulded board, everyone getZUP! What's more you can pull it behind any boat or PWC! The one of a kind Zup board has hit Australia by storm, designed for all riders from your  young first timers up to old age pensioner adrenaline junkies.  As they say in their marketing campaign - If nobody is left out, then everyone is invited!



At first glance, the ZUP resembles a kneeboard…on steroids. It’s made from rotomolded plastic and features a kneeboard’s familiar oval shape and soft EVA top pad. But rather than a knee strap, the ZUP features dual foot straps. Their thick, cushiony surface works as an elbow rest when starting out laying on your stomach, a kneepad when the board is ridden like a kneeboard, and skier-like foot straps when a rider progresses to the standing position. Perhaps the board’s coolest feature, however, is the integrated tow-handle hook at the bow. Combined with moulded-in side handles, it lets riders eliminate one of the most challenging elements for beginners — holding on to the towrope — by hooking the tow handle to the board and removing nearly all that stress from the upper body.


Once underway, riders can leave the handle tethered, or unhook and hang on in traditional skiing style. Locking in the tow handle, and using the side grab handles, greatly simplifies pulling yourself up to your knees. Leaving that towrope tethered also makes it far easier to get to your feet.   At every step of the way the board’s buoyant design and 27” width offers great stability.  At a price point of AU$579 it is the perfect boat or PWC accessory suitable for all the family combining kneeboarding, wakeboarding and water-skiing.

That pretty much, sums up what we love about the ZUP. Conceivably almost anyone can find a way to have fun on it…and nobody is left on the sidelines.  Here is a short film showing you just how versatile the ZUP board is and how easy it is to ride.


If you think the ZUP is for you -  visit us in store or online.   The specially designed handle and tow rope is also a great feature to add to your purchase ensuring you can take full advantage of the tow hook allowing you to be towed hands free!